I have been passionate about using light to create imagery for most of my life.  My journey with a camera began when I was 12 years old, photographing primarily clouds and my animals.  I loved the prints I got back and stored them safely in albums and journals.  

I took a yearbook class in high school that allowed me to use a camera.  I enrolled in my first darkroom course during my first semester in college.  I took other college level classes and workshops at different institutions, all while finishing my bachelor's degree in writing.  Afterwards, I attended New England School of Photography where I earned a certificate in the accelerated photography program.  Years later I earned a master's degree in documentary photography at Lesley University.  

My current work involves teaching photography at Great Basin College and other locations.  I also work as a journalist and photojournalist for the Elko Daily Free Press.  I lead travel photography tours and do freelance work.  Life is busy doing what I love.

cynthia delaney photography